Sweet Child,

I am sending you this letter because I want you to know the following:

I really can’t say for certain that cell phones, WiFi and the 4G and 5G network make it more difficult for your soul to land as easily in your little body as it is intended.

But actually, when I am very still, I secretly know this to be true.

Just like with animals and plants, your own natural invisible energy source or frequency also ensures that you stay healthy, grow bigger and are happy.

But it would not surprise me if your little body falters, opposes and reacts against all those recently introduced radiation sources that you do not see, but that do bother you as they interact with you, all day long. You will not be happy about this. Maybe you will get very tired of it and dream strange dreams and wake up often from what should have been a deep and restful sleep.

Maybe you sometimes doubt yourself or learned people will say that something is wrong with you. That seems logical, but I understand that you are not the source of the problem.

You have every right to roar in these circumstances rather than simply accepting how bad you feel with a deep sigh.

If you are a girl then you should know that the eggs from which your future children will be born, have already been formed within the first 100 days of your existance when you were in your mothers womb. That's why Mums and Dads need to be very careful with their cell phones and with everything that has no cable. Because the secret box with the DNA inside your eggs is not at all protected from external radiation.


If you are a boy and would like to have children in the future, then you also want very healthy, strong seeds later on. That is why it is better not to put a cell phone in your pocket because the seed factory has to stay healthy and should not be irradiated.

Maybe you are wondering why this lady thinks it's so important to let you know?

I will explain that to you.

Imagine that you feel very unhappy, that you cannot stand arguments between people, that you are frequently scared and cry a lot or are often angry. Then it is very difficult to help you. Your name will be put on a waiting list and you will have to wait a long time for help because there are a lot of children who need to be helped.

And if you are so angry, sad or afraid that you end up with a sickness, then Mum and Dad become very distressed because they don’t know if you really will be helped in the far away hospital to which you have been sent.

You now understand that I don’t want your life to suffer that experience. That instead, you just stay healthy and happy and grow up as it is meant to be.

I'll tell you a secret:

I have always known that if people are so smart that they can make very complicated devices and technology that makes life super easy, then there are certainly people who can invent something so that we do not have to get sick using these modern devices and as a result can stay healthy.

Do those people exist? Have a guess! Sure! What do we call these people? We call them geniuses!

I must be a very happy person, you will be thinking. And you are right! But I am also very careful. Because not everyone thinks the same as me. Not everyone knows as much.

And what I also know is that there are some stupid, mean and ignorant people who want to earn a lot of money from devices and technology without informing people about their dangers or offering protective solutions. And they do not mind that you can get sick. So they end up not saying anything!

There are also people who think that I want to sell them something.

And that is also true because I think that when Mums and Dads choose to spend money, for which they have worked very hard, on devices and technologies that make their lives easier then they had better first spend a few cents on the technology that will protect your health and their health from those hypermodern, cell damaging technologies.

And if Mum and Dad don’t have the money to do that, then the people in your Local Council or Governent need to think carefully about whether they can better spend money on protecting the children in your village or town instead of complaining that they lack the resources to treat all the children with health and social problems.

We have to protect the healing power of the earth that is naturally there as your birthright.

I offer this help to ensure that we, the responsible adults, protect your health and that your own personal energy source is amplified and strengthened. This is how you will counteract those sources of radiation that would weaken and limit your growth, challenge your health and well-being throughout your life but most importantly in those crucial first years of growth and development.

I know that you are full of life and don’t want your Mum and Dad to be afraid of anything anymore.

We can do this together.

Let the modern age come. You are ready!

Lots of love